New School Song Marks New Beginning

The UMAH International Primary School recently launched its new Alma Mater Song entitled “Young Stalwarts of UMAH”.  The song marks a new beginning for the school and the organization as a whole.

Since Mr. Mohamed Alli Din’s passing in December of 2009, the organization’s spirit has been down as the community mourned for their loss.

Now, with the coming in of the new administration, a renewed spirit and high Islamic pride has driven the organization to continue the late Mr. Din’s mission and vision.

The new school song embodies this mission and vision and instills in the hearts and minds of our future generation that they should remain strong in adversity and be united in facing life’s challenges.

Young Stalwarts of UMAH

Hail, hail to our

Alma mater

Hail, hail to UMAH


We young stalwarts

Proud and strong at heart

We’ll strive with all might

To be bright

UMAH guides us


UMAH teaches us


In our school there is




Let’s raise our banner


Aim high for our dreams,

Make them true.

Hold hands together

We’ll help each other

Our future’s brighter

Because of you.


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