UMAH AGM gains support

The Annual General Meeting of the United Muslim Association of Hong Kong held last 7th February 2010 at the UMAH International Primary School brought forward an estimated 80 members of the organization.

The first quarter meeting was the first general assembly since the beloved UMAH Chairman Mohamed Alli Din passed away on December 4, 2009.

The annual meeting formed the new council members of the organization through an election.

Muslim members showed their support to the organizing committee which will spearhead the organization and continue the smooth operation of existing services like the Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home and the UMAH International Primary School.

Mr. Mohamed Ayub Din, manager of Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care and Attention Home, UMAH, assured the ongoing, uninterrupted service of the institutions to ethnic minorities. “I will do my best to serve my father and continue his legacy,” Mr. Ayub Din said adding that he is grateful to his brothers and sisters in Islam for their support during a difficult time.


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