UMAH-IPS’ 12th batch gets grand graduation ceremony

The UMAH International Primary School held its 12th Graduation Ceremony at the Yuen Long Town Hall on 11th July, 2010. It was the first time that the school held the annual graduation ceremony outside the school premises.

The principal, Ms. Amarie Teodosio, was excited to bring a school activity outside the campus. “We decided to hold the graduation ceremony at Yuen Long Town Hall because we want to be closer to our community,” the principal said adding that the ceremony was open to anyone interested in watching the event.

Primary 6 adviser, Mr. Samuel Moyani Jr., was proud to present the 13 graduates of Primary 6 for they have been an excellent and a well-disciplined class. “I am truly proud of our graduates and I am excited to hear them sing their graduation song,” Mr. Moyani said during the event, referring to the theme “Reach Out for the Skies”. “Reach Out for the Skies”, a reminder and challenge to the graduates to always pursue their individual goals in life, was chosen by the teachers of UMAH-IPS for its simple and straightforward message.

Mr. Mohamed Ayub Din, son of the late chairman Mohamed Alli Din, gave the welcome address and an inspiring message to the graduates while Dr. Jason Yuen who designed the Sheung Shui Mosque, gave a thoughtful tribute to the late Mr. Din. For the graduates’ side, Haroon Shahid delivered the graduation speech.

Piraya Khotsombat received the highest honour for being the top of her class. Aside from the 13 graduates, outstanding students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 were recognized for getting high grades during the 2009-2010 school year.

Important guests like Dr. Jason Yuen, Dr. Angel Ramos, Vice Consul (Malaysian Consulate in Hong Kong) Mrs. Umi Kelsom Talib, Mr. Ng Tze Ka, Mr. John Fisher, Mr. Roderick Miller, Police Sgt. Chow Kin Man and Inspector Yiu Chun Ho, Erictony graced the event. Mrs. Rita Lama Din, Mr. S.J. Raghbi and Mr. Javed Shahab were also present.

The graduation ceremony was followed by a Literary Musical Show which showcased favourite and winning performances from past UMAH events like the Arts and Culture Programme and the Literary Musical Competition.

Hosted by UMAH-IPS alumni Ms. Afshan Kanwal and Ms. Shrijana Pun, the ceremony was held at Yuen Long Town Hall from 2:30 to 5:00 PM. An estimated 200 people attended the successful event.


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