UMAH-IPS Parents’ Day: more meaningful than ever

The annual Parents’ Day celebration of the UMAH-International Primary School has always been a meaningful event because it was celebrated during the late Mr. Mohamed Alli Din’s birthday month of February. This year, because of recent unfortunate circumstances, Parents’ Day was moved to April.

Last 18th April, 2010 UMAH-IPS students, together with their parents, headed to Tai Tong Country Park for a barbecue picnic.

The mood in the bus was somber as parents exchanged fond stories of Mr. Din. When the group arrived at the park, everyone started to unwind and relax in the cool fresh air. By lunchtime, each family has a barbecue pit smoking out some choice cuts of Halal chicken and fish balls. The atmosphere was fun and the students bonded with their parents.

Relay games and a raffle draw followed and the lucky ones went home with some prizes for the family.

As the day ended, past parents’ day activities were remembered and all seem to agree that despite Mr. Din’s passing, his dream of a united ethnic minority family has remained.


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