UMAH Kids Journal Now Available for Download

Get a copy of the latest issue of the official student publication of UMAH International Primary School–UMAH Kids Journal.  Find out what’s happening in our school, celebrate our pupils’ victories, learn something new or plan the school’s next activity with us.  Get informed and get involved, download your free copy now!

2 Responses to “UMAH Kids Journal Now Available for Download”
  1. Nadeeka De Saram says:

    As a former student, I am impressed to see a student-involved newsletter being made. I wish we had such opportunities when I was a student! They have done a good job with the paper. I am also happy to read about some of the activities the students can now engage in. I am so happy to see UMAH International Primary School, which was an important part of my education, improving and growing so much.

  2. UMAH says:

    Thank you for your kind words and Thank you for treasuring your memories of UMAH-IPS, Nadeeka. Come visit us soon!

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