Contact Us

United Muslim Association of Hong Kong


Rm. 223, Oi Yee House, Yau Oi Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR, China

Phone Number: +(852)26183172

Fax Number: (852)24302176


5 Responses to “Contact Us”
  1. Hera says:

    Hi, can I know what is the annual fee for the primary school?

  2. UMAH says:

    Hello Hera. Here is our rate as of the moment, please note though that rates may change without prior notice so it is a good idea to call us on the number above to get the latest figures.

    Tuition Fee: HK$4,800 (Monthly at HK$480 in 10 months)
    Registration: HK$300 (for new enrollee)
    Miscellaneous: HK$330 per year
    Arts and Crafts: HK$300 per year
    Field Trip: HK$300 per year
    Textbooks: HK$1700 per year

    School bus is available and the rate depends on the District.

  3. Jessica says:

    I m interested in Takaful (Islamic Insurance), can you provide more details to me such as which bank or insurance company i can contact with in Hong Kong? Thanks a lot!

  4. ebrahim says:

    We are thinking of relocating to Hong Kong from South Africa, but we are very concerned about Islam there.

    is there a large muslim community in Hong Kong?

    Are muslims free to practice their religion?

    We have 3 children, aged 7, 5 and 2. my oldest one is in a islamic school, the other 2 are at an islamic day care facility. will we have similar schooling facilities in Hong Kong?

  5. William says:

    We are exploring the possibility of recruiting Arab-speaking people for customer service jobs in HK. Are there any ways for local employers to reach Arab communities in HK or any recruitment channels that help?

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