Brief History

The saga started in 1990, when the Incorporated Trustees of Islamic Community Fund of Hong Kong made its preliminary inquiries as to the possibilities of constructing a Mosque with recreational facilities at D.D. 51, Tin Sum Village, Fanling, New Territories. This piece of land which is on top of the hill was offered to the Board of Trustees by its owner Mr. Mohamed Alli Din. The Board of Trustees went up to Mr. Din’s place and were pleased with the Site because of its serene ambience. However, in 1993, after two and a half years of waiting, the Hong Kong government did not support the proposal of the Trustees because of the strong objection from the local community. The location of the proposed Mosque apparently did not blend well with the “Feng Shui” because of the existing Taoist Temple in the vicinity. After the HK Government denied the proposal, the Trustees dropped the matter and did not bother to follow up.

Land Granted!

Despite two failed attempts, UMAH did not lose its hope since its “Niyat” is to serve Allah, build a House for Allah and implant a landmark of Islam in the New Territories. In 15th December 1997 the site search was completed and a piece of land located in Sheung Shui-Fanling New Town, Area 6-B in New Territories was identified for the proposed Mosque and Islamic Centre.

After the piece of land was identified, Mr. Mohamed Alli Din realized that there are many people in Hong Kong who are ignorant about Islam, and who are discriminating the religion and insulting the Ethnic Muslims. Articles against Islam and Ethnic Muslims were flowing in local newspapers and Mr. Din faced and answered all critics as well as the local and international media interviews about the existing racial and religious discrimination in Hong Kong.

Residents living near the proposed site reacted to the design including the minaret of the Mosque.

Having finally conceding to certain demands of these residents to pacify their objections by notably altering the design of the Mosque Minaret, the internal audio system, etc. Their objections were ultimately over-ruled by the Lands Department.

Finally, the grant was approved and the lease of this land was executed on 23rd April 2006 under these primary conditions.

Area involved: 2,046 sq M

Lease Term: 50 years from the date of Agreement

Premium: HK$9.35 Million – with 10% deposit Payable upon acceptance of the stipulated terms.

Administration Fee: $84,500

Completion of project: 60 months from the date of Agreement

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